"Classical" photo session room

Classic room for professional studio photography, with multi-coloured backgrounds, flat lay table, and all kinds of photo accessories.
Dimensions: 5.80/4.60 (27 sq m)

"White" photo session room

This room of our photography studio in Turin is decorated in white colours. A spacious and bright space, it includes: a white four-poster bed, a white bathroom and a swing.
Dimensions: 5.50/4.70 (26 sqm)

"Loft" photo session room

This is a two-level space with large windows, with a kitchen that includes: a cooking island, a large oval, marble table and many original interior details for varied, interesting and rich photos.
Room dimensions:

We also provide lighting equipment for photo and video shoots for rent in the photo studio, which can be used in all three rooms:
2 Godox SK 400 II pulse light sources
1 constant light source LED NANLITE Forza 60B bi colour

Photo studio rental fee
Art Space Instaemotion

"Classic" room
1st hour - 30 €
2nd hour - 20 €
3rd hour - 10 €

"White" Room
1st hour - 40 €
2nd hour - 25 €
3rd hour - 15 €

"Loft" Hall
1st hour - 40 €
2nd hour - 25 €
3rd hour - 15 €

From the 4th hour onwards the price is the same as for the 3rd hour.

Halls can be changed.

You can book any number of rooms for a convenient time for you.


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